Space for Time: Sky Space - Rock Boat, Commonweal, Bolinas CA, 2022

I care about what things were, what things are, and what things may become. Considering the broad span of each object, material, and situation leads me to reshape and respond to what I discover with gentle, open-ended methods. Sometimes my actions result in concise portable objects, and other times in ephemeral or context-specific projects.

I start by observing what is already present, and then investigate and interact with the existing materials, structures, and dynamics involved. I enrich this hands-on learning with textual investigations into latent histories and intersectional narratives. I dig into each situation from multiple directions in order to discover what could be needed, and find out how to add as little as possible. I pare away, mend, clean, and organize more than make, shape, or paint. My actions point out and uncover existing meaning and create new understanding of it.

I am particularly drawn to discarded, broken, and abandoned things. I find that what gets thrown away and ignored is more revealing than what is preserved and protected. The results of my actions are varied. Each set of circumstances, each material, requires an approach suited to its specific needs and potentials. Nothing is ever the same.

My projects highlight systems rather than endpoints—-systems whose dynamics generate forms but remain open to growth and change. This mutability embodies the truth that we are part of a closed system that is eroding and reforming endlessly. Our role within this impermanence is to find balance, experience wonder, minimize harm, and develop deep appreciation for the beauty and brevity of it all.