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Embedded in the sediment of the earth, is a text whose limits and boundaries seep through the container of meaning, foil language, and evade all rational order.

In order to see what we must see, in order to grasp its evasive understanding, we must first suspend our will and by so doing partially stop living. Cast apart, alien and detached from our living pulse even as we head toward it, we gain clarity beyond the previous capacity of our intertwined living existence. Stepping outside of ourselves, we both die and begin to live forever, becoming embedded within the infinite advance of the eternal.

The deathless, lapsed moment of perception is timelessness; a pause that breaks apart into a sandstorm of pauses. There is no isolatable moment, no fixed point, just flickering moments of tumid duration, now, and now, and now, and now.

Small bits of perception drop away from the edges of eyesight. Perception seeks itself. Sight turns away from its own looking. And, looking finds itself only in reflection. Reflection abolishes its support even as words abolish the reflection.

In every past moment there is a parting of ways, a bifurcating and trifurcating fracture defining an unintelligible region of zigzags. This illogical terrain is populated by the copied copies of copies, which encountering their source, find it lacking.

The right hand is always at variance with the left.

Remembrances are markings on a map, vacant memories, tracings on a shifting ground, constellating, intangible terrains in deleted vicinities. In the end, it is the dimension of absence that remains to be found, the colorless color that remains to be seen.