Writing > A Z

Try to visualize an ideal theoretic, possibility.
Find deviation from perfection through unbending compromise.
Do not allow time to pass unchecked,
Always think to criticize.

Survey, re-adjust, adapt.
Plan, tinker, toil for a solution,
Grow sympathetic.

Time can’t be owned.
Space can only be borrowed.
Only experience can be shared.

Starting with curiosity and ending when curiosity renews itself.
What is beneath an ethereal channel?
Beneath an ephemeral abyss?

Invent a process,
Peel back time and register the time the peeling takes,
Peek ahead at what has come before.
Roll time upon itself in an ever-growing spiral
Watching it proceed always ever elsewhere.

Then re-author a more appropriate memory.
Diminish history to serve as a suitable part of an inadequate present.
Rue the diminution.

Do not forget to not to be forgotten.

A journey is recorded as a piece of glass is worn smooth by its migration to shore.
Use deteriorates utility even as it accumulates meaning.
Decay re-shapes,
Parts are worn, softened, and renewed through their destruction.
Time fades in order to author anew.

Forms arranged and combined according to
And mysterious laws,
Move us in specific and particular ways.
The greatest value is one that you cannot explain.