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It strikes me as wrong that the earth is a sphere. I know that it hurtles through space like a giant spinning baseball, pulled into an orbit around the sun by the combined gravitational tugging of each mass on the other. I know this, but what does that mean to me? Nothing in my experience suggests that the thing under my feet is round. It seems thoroughly ridiculous that directly below me, somewhere on the other side of the world, there could be someone else, upside down and yet right side up. Traveling continually in any direction, whether left, right, forward, or backward, I will arrive at my pair’s location and find myself sharing his inverted orientation without seemingly ever having changed my own. It is nearly laughable to think of the two of us squishing the earth between us with our combined weight. I can hold these truths in my brain, but only theoretically, imagining myself a miniature figure on a diagrammatic globe paired with an equally tiny earth-squeezing partner.

In the world where I exist, the earth is flat and round, encircled by the ever and never changing horizon and sheltered beneath a snow globe-like vault of air. Existing in this synapse between earth and sky, mirrored by my firing neurons conceiving it, I construct meaning binary-brick by binary-brick. The structure of my existence echoes this dichotomy in its branching extrapolations of polar relationships meshed together into interwoven systems. Formed by the endemic conditions of a stellar environment, this logic manifests in my neurology, my biology, and in the communal structures that bind me to other people. These systems intertwine and overlay each other with varying degrees of opacity fusing into a unitary existence. Excavating and unraveling these layers, internal and external, and trying to find the dense points where overlapping fields yield alchemical products and unexpected syntheses, can be a tedious business. It requires discovering things that are so elementally simple, they remain permanently elusive, buried within the very structures with which I attempt to explain them.